Career Day

On April 10, 2019, Sierra Academy and Springall Academy teamed up to host the annual Career Day Fair event for our students. We had 13 vendors with different jobs come out to allow students the opportunity to learn about the people in our community. These vendors included a Padres Human Resources Assistant, a Florist, two Starbuck's Baristas, a Magician, and more! They were able to talk to each vendor about their job so that they could gain a better idea of what their future might hold. The students participated in a "career day bingo" game that helped them to ask [...]

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Autism Isn’t a Defining Characteristic for Those on The Spectrum

Brandi Eagling, Program Director of the Sierra Academy of San Diego, recently wrote a opinion piece in the Times of San Diego entitled "Autism Isn’t a Defining Characteristic for Those on The Spectrum." In the piece, Brandi explains how people sometimes do not see all the ways our students can contribute. Autism Awareness Month is a time to shed light on their abilities, and how we can embrace and include them. Their inclusion is beneficial for everyone. "Autism isn’t a label that defines my students. One thing that I would like everyone to know about kids with autism is that [...]

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Sierra's Read-a-thon in March was a great success with our students reading nearly 10,000 minutes or 167 hours outside of school!  Many students earned reading certificates and homework passes.  The following fourteen students read enough minutes to earn a pizza party:  Josiah, Sonny, Annalise, Meayva, Andre, Simon, Saul, Andres, Bryce, Emilie, Jessica, Julianne, Kaitlyn, and Lesly.  The top readers for each class are:  Sonny, Josiah, Joey, Meayva, Saul, and Julianne.  These students earn a book of their choice! Congratulations to all students who took part in the Read-a-thon.  Thanks for making it such a fun and successful event! [...]

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Sierra Basketball Pep Rally

Congratulations to Sierra’s Basketball Team! Students completed the regular season with an amazing record of 5-2. Varsity went on to win in the playoff game on and played hard in the Championship Game March 14th. Sierra took home the 2nd place trophy! The players worked hard, showed awesome teamwork and sportsmanship at every practice and game! Prior to the last game of the season, Sierra’s Spirit Squad hosted a pep rally for the school. They performed a cheer and dance, and basketball players were recognized for their hard work. Everyone showed school spirit in Sierra Gear and school colors! [...]

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Nibble Chocolate Factory Tour

In February the ACT program went to Nibble Chocolates located in San Diego.  The students were given a tour of the facilities and taught about where cacao beans are sourced from and about Fair Trade Farming.  Nibble Chocolate uses Fair Trade Farms when acquiring their cacao beans which ensures that the growers are paying their employees a fair wage and putting their profits back into their home communities.  The students also learned about the differing jobs in the chocolate industry from farming, purchasing, roasting, grinding, mixing and packaging.  Nibble Chocolate also provided the group with samples of unrefined cacao [...]

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Meet the Team: Designated Instructional Services Team

Meet the Team Erin Schwier, EdD, OTD, OTR/L Matt Beltran, COTA/L Janice Clark, M.S., CCC-SLP Erin Schwier, EdD, OTD, OTR/L 16 years as on Occupational Therapist with 15 years at Sierra Academy Matt Beltran, COTA/L- 10 years as a COTA at Sierra Academy Janice Clark, M.S., CCC-SLP- 35 years as a Speech and Language Pathologist, 16 years at Sierra Academy Generally, we see our students in an individual and group settings. We also provide push in services in the classroom to support academics as well as community base interventions. Our goal [...]

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