Choir Club

Sierra Academy of San Diego is running Friday clubs based on student interests. This year we were fortunate enough to have two staff volunteer to start a choir club. Mr. Damian and Mrs. Nae both have musical talents and have been amazing additions to our team. Last week, administration visited choir club and found Mr. Damian playing the acoustic guitar and projecting a beautiful voice with Ms. Nae. They were singing “Eye of the Tiger.” A group of ten plus kids were in a circle beaming with smiles and singing, each stomping their feet to the rhythm. The room [...]

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Back to School Day

Back to School Day was a huge success. Thank you to all of the families that attended! Each classroom had interactive activities for families and students to participate in: luncheon, jeopardy games, student power point presentations, friend interviews, and much more! The event really promoted a community feeling among staff, students, and families. Attached is a picture of the luncheon hosted for families in Mr. Storniolo’s class. Student’s set up and made a salad bar and took orders. The classroom was able to practice table manners, communication skills, cooking, social skills, and much more!

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