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Monday Money Madness

We will be continuing this year in our efforts toward financial literacy. We have partnered again with Junior Achievement Finance Park and will be attending an all school trip in May to complete their simulation for the 2nd year in a row. Weekly we will be engaging in some activities with your students related to concepts around money. Everything from estimating cost, budgeting and purchasing. We will begin the months of September and October with estimating cost and value. We will play games, do projects and make financial literacy fun! Visit our [...]

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The Lion King Tryouts

On September 5, theater and choir try outs were held for our Winter performance of The Lion King. Students practiced their audition line "The great kings of the past look down on us from those stars." During theater and choir, students will work on memorization, speech, and acting. This is a fun activity that the students take pride in and are excited to present to our families in December. Practices start Tuesday the 10th! A flyer will be out shortly with more details. We hope to see everyone at the show! Visit our website to [...]

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Welcome Mr. Dillon!

Sierra Academy would like to welcome Mr. Shane Dillon as a first year teacher! He has started the school year with enthusiasm, passion, and commitment. He redid his classroom over summer break and the students walked in excited and motivated to learn. Mr. Dillon has volunteered to get involved with school jobs for his students, a new peer mentor program, student government, sports, and much more. He is dedicated to giving his students an awesome year filled with fun and learning! Sierra considers him a great asset to our team! Visit our website to learn [...]

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Therapy Services & Zones of Regulation

Students will be participating in the “Zones of Regulation” curriculum. This curriculum includes lessons and activities designed by Leah Kuypers to help our students gain skills in the area of self regulation. This is used in addition to our “point sheet” behavioral management program that is used school wide. Because the traditional zones curriculum follows a color mapping method as well, we have adapted the zones to be identified by numbers. Zone 0: Low States of Alertness: Sad, Tired, Sick, Bored Zone 1: Regulated State of Alertness: Calm, happy, focused Zone 2: Heightened state of alertness: frustration, anxiety, silliness [...]

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New Classroom Sneak Peek

We are excited to kick off the 2019-2020 school year at Sierra Academy of San Diego. Staff have been working hard on getting classrooms ready for students to come back on Tuesday, August 28th>! We look forward to seeing the students, working with families, and our exciting events this school year! Take a sneak peek at some of the new classrooms! Visit our website to learn more about Sierra Academy

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Career Day

On April 10, 2019, Sierra Academy and Springall Academy teamed up to host the annual Career Day Fair event for our students. We had 13 vendors with different jobs come out to allow students the opportunity to learn about the people in our community. These vendors included a Padres Human Resources Assistant, a Florist, two Starbuck's Baristas, a Magician, and more! They were able to talk to each vendor about their job so that they could gain a better idea of what their future might hold. The students participated in a "career day bingo" game that helped them to ask [...]

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Autism Isn’t a Defining Characteristic for Those on The Spectrum

Brandi Eagling, Program Director of the Sierra Academy of San Diego, recently wrote a opinion piece in the Times of San Diego entitled "Autism Isn’t a Defining Characteristic for Those on The Spectrum." In the piece, Brandi explains how people sometimes do not see all the ways our students can contribute. Autism Awareness Month is a time to shed light on their abilities, and how we can embrace and include them. Their inclusion is beneficial for everyone. "Autism isn’t a label that defines my students. One thing that I would like everyone to know about kids with autism is that [...]

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Sierra's Read-a-thon in March was a great success with our students reading nearly 10,000 minutes or 167 hours outside of school!  Many students earned reading certificates and homework passes.  The following fourteen students read enough minutes to earn a pizza party:  Josiah, Sonny, Annalise, Meayva, Andre, Simon, Saul, Andres, Bryce, Emilie, Jessica, Julianne, Kaitlyn, and Lesly.  The top readers for each class are:  Sonny, Josiah, Joey, Meayva, Saul, and Julianne.  These students earn a book of their choice! Congratulations to all students who took part in the Read-a-thon.  Thanks for making it such a fun and successful event! [...]

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Sierra Basketball Pep Rally

Congratulations to Sierra’s Basketball Team! Students completed the regular season with an amazing record of 5-2. Varsity went on to win in the playoff game on and played hard in the Championship Game March 14th. Sierra took home the 2nd place trophy! The players worked hard, showed awesome teamwork and sportsmanship at every practice and game! Prior to the last game of the season, Sierra’s Spirit Squad hosted a pep rally for the school. They performed a cheer and dance, and basketball players were recognized for their hard work. Everyone showed school spirit in Sierra Gear and school colors! [...]

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