Black History Month Projects

Our classrooms spent the whole month learning about African Americans that made significant contributions to our country and why we spend a month long celebrating our black history. They were able to get creative in who they chose as well as how they presented their projects to their peers! Our kiddos were also able to get crafty with help from staff by creating their door décor for the month. A HUGE thank your to our parents and staff for going above and beyond in helping our students with their projects! Visit our website to learn [...]

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Bubble Mania

Another fun event at our Sierra - Grant Preschool! Our staff knows just exactly what activities motivate and excite their students. They brought in a special guest to give our students a sensory break with bubbles. Our students (and staff) were enchanted by the life size bubble creations! What a way to kick off a Valentine's Day party that ended with chocolate covered fruits! Visit our website to learn more about Sierra School

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Meet the Team: Traresse Walker

Traresse Walker, Teacher During the day, I do my best to come up with new and innovated ways to keep my students engaged and interested in the material. My job is to teach, and that starts with gaining the interest of our students. Honestly, my entire class has had Little Victories so far this school year. They have progressed so far both academically and behaviorally just in the last couple of months. It’s really exciting to see happen! I would say that every student is unique, with their own individual challenges and obstacles to [...]

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Meet the Team: Jacqueline Carvajal

Jacqueline Carvajal, Assistant Teacher Throughout the day, there can be many challenges, but I like to get through it the best I can, with a positive attitude. As an assistant teacher that are many roles that I play. That can include planning activities and counseling students to make better decisions or helping with cooking or cleaning up the classroom. I have a student in class who is starting to change his behavior bit by bit. At first, he started to follow directions, then he started to ask for help when he needed it [...]

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Holiday Festivities

Over the past week, we've had lots of holiday fun at all our Sierra Antioch sites! From ice skating, to door decorating contests, and making holiday treats, our students have really enjoyed the winter season. Sierra Kimball made gingerbread houses and earned a trip to the ice skating ring! Sierra Fremont and Sierra Diablo Vista competed against each other in a door decorating contest! And all our sites made goodies from ornaments to holiday cookies. We want to thank our staff and parents for making it such a great holiday season for all our students! [...]

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Smith Family Farm Visit

Our elementary students at our Kimball and Diablo Vista campuses joined together on a visit to the Smith Family Farm. While there they were able to participate in the corn maze, learn about local produce, ride on a hay wagon, and pick their own pumpkin! They were also able to spend the day playing barn yard games and ended the trip with a class picnic! This fun field trip allowed for socialization of our two elementary campuses as well as the opportunity to experience their community.

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Fall Ball

All our campuses took part in various Halloween activities. Our students at Sierra – Diablo Vista were able to enjoy pumpkin carving and a costume contest to ring in the festivities. Throughout the day they carved pumpkins together and decorated Halloween themed cookies. At Sierra – Kimball our elementary students came together to show off their costumes and break a piñata full of goodies. Sierra – Fremont, our middle and high school campus, participated in many Halloween activities put on by our fantastic staff. They played sack races, bobbing for apples, and ended the day with a pizza party. Sierra – [...]

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Spooktacular Fall Ball – 10/31

Join us if you dare, you’re in for a scare! Fall Ball is happening on October 31st for all our Antioch campuses! We have many games and activities planned for our students. Games include pumpkin bowling, spider races, boo toss, stack attack, and bobbing for apples. Activities for students to join in on the fun will be toilet paper mummy, guess the candy corn, pumpkin memory, Halloween mystery surprise, fall word scramble, and pin the spider on the web. Sierra will also be providing scary treats! We’ll be serving a pumpkin fruit platter, franken’ guac and chips, rice crispy brains, candy corn [...]

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Transition Fair

Our high school classroom was able to attend a transition fair that focused on life after high school for students with learning disabilities. They provided students with information on housing, the local community, furthering their education, and legal and institutional booths were displayed. This was very informative to our high school students as many of them are getting closer to this transition stage. Afterward we were able to go spend time have lunch In & Out and debrief on what we have learned and future goals.

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Working Wonders

In a goal to reach our community, we invite programs such as Working Wonders to come in and work with our students. Working Wonders is a program that serves disabled adults within our community by giving them opportunities to volunteer and expand their skills. When volunteering in our classrooms, they help with many different tasks and activities. Not only do they help with getting school lunches and handing out academic work, but they also enjoy engaging students in fun activities such as art and P.E. Moving forward we want to continue to support our community's programs by inviting them [...]

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