Build Leader & Teacher Capacity
Flexible programs customized to focus on individuals’ goals while meeting your organization’s needs

Attracting and retaining skilled teachers is one of the most challenging area educators face in building and sustaining a thriving school environment.1 Research consistently shows that teachers (particularly new teachers) who work closely with instructional coaches are more likely to remain with their schools.2,3 Our high-impact coaching solutions provide educators with the tools they need to grow their skills and build capacity while applying research-based best practices to create positive outcomes in the classroom.

Our Approach

Catapult’s Comprehensive Coaching Platform is a capacity-building support system for leaders and teachers as they strive to constantly improve classroom practices and outcomes.

We work closely with instructional leadership teams to create a highly collaborative and personalized coaching plan. Our customized approach is specifically designed to improve conditions for teaching and learning in your schools and to help teachers and leaders achieve positive student outcomes.

“I’ve told so many principals…if you do anything for your school, anything for your faculty, anything for your kids, get an instructional coach.”

Kathie Donovan, Principal

Results Focused & Data-Driven

Our reporting systems and dashboards are designed to enable program optimization. Continuous measurement of critical program elements and analysis of data collected is compared to performance metrics established during the design phase, allowing our coaches to identify areas of success and quickly address opportunities for improvement.

What We Coach

  • Instructional Design & Delivery
  • Organizational & Instructional Leadership
  • Teaching in Remote & Virtual Settings
  • Supporting English Learners
  • Equity & Culturally Responsive Practices

  • Special Education

  • Social-Emotional Learning

Workshops and Institutes offer additional opportunities for learning.

Who We Coach

  • Teachers: Job-embedded support for general and special education teachers to improve classroom practice.
  • School leaders: High-impact coaching for principals and administrators to build leadership capacity and empower them to spearhead transformational efforts.
  • Coaches: Instructional leadership to equip coaches with the skills needed to develop others.

Where We Coach

  • In-person: Collaborative coaching sessions offered in individual or small group settings.

  • Virtually: Fully virtual solutions that provide the same research-based learning opportunities as our traditional in-person offerings.

  • Blended: A convenient combination of site-based/in-person visits and virtual coaching sessions.

Teacher Testimonials

“Our coach provides professional development in a way that is engaging and practical”

Heather Ewen - Teacher

“[Our Coach] can offer a lot of feedback and ideas for something we can implement the next day.”

Adelle Weber - Teacher

Learn More

Contact us to learn how Catapult’s Comprehensive Learning Platform can drive leaders and teachers to increased collegiality, greater job satisfaction, and improved student learning outcomes.

1 Market Workshop researchWISE, “Education Needs and Attitudes,” Catapult Learning. February 4, 2019.
2,3 Linda Darling-Hammond, “Keeping Good Teachers: Why It Matters and What Leaders Can Do,” Educational Leadership 60, no. 8 (May 2003): 6-13.