Assessment Programs

Engage students in their own learning, guide teachers as they target instruction, and allow administrators to identify instructional areas in need of additional resources and support. Evaluate is Catapult Learning’s next-generation benchmark assessment system that combines monthly benchmark assessments with comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting and analysis tools. Built by a team of expert educators with over a decade of experience developing standards-aligned assessments, Evaluate is a valuable and proven tool that builds the foundation for continual academic improvement.

  • Cutting-edge web-based Reading and Math assessments

  • Actionable reporting and analytic tools

  • Accessible professional development

Catapult Learning Evaluate

Assessment Benefits

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Principal & Administrator Features


Data from Evaluate inform principals and administrators of instructional areas in need of additional resources and support. Reports ranging from “participation” to “improvement” help administrators understand the success of their instructional programs and identify where resources are most needed.

Evaluate data are clearly organized and presented, allowing administrators to quickly and easily analyze which classes or grades, standards or skills require additional attention. Having this information at the ready enables administrators to apply resources to areas of need in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Teacher Features


Teachers get a quick, reliable report on how their class is progressing toward mastery of state standards. A wide variety of reports inform teachers of how students are performing at each strand, skill, and subject, providing crucial insight into whether the class is on track and where more instruction is needed.  

Teachers can view individual students’ performance each month by question, or they can look at overall class data. They can perform a distracter analysis to understand which concepts are clear to students and which need further instruction. Teachers can also create customized groups to track their progress, such as to test the effectiveness of an intervention or after school program or to monitor students who have previously needed additional support.

Student Features


Evaluate is designed to encourage students to actively engage in their own learning. Students in grades 2 and above log into the system and take online reading and math assessments each month. After each assessment, students can access the previous month’s results, view their progress, and set goals for themselves.

Students can view the assessments from the previous month to find out correct answers, identify areas for further study, and take ownership of their learning. They can even track their progress month over month to better understand how they are progressing long-term. Teachers can control which types of feedback students view (marked answer, correct answer, etc.) to guide learning and use past assessments as teaching tools.

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