Meet the Team

Gary Hunt – Director

Gary Hunt, M.Ed., is a certified administrator and special education teacher who holds his master’s degree in education from Wilmington University. He also holds certification in language arts and a BA in English from the University of Delaware. Gary joined the High Road School of Delaware in 2004 as a paraprofessional before becoming a teacher at the same location. He has been the Program Director at the High Road School of Cecil County since 2008. Gary seeks to blend academic rigor and intervention with a focus on soft-skills and emotional awareness for his students. He believes that all students should be taught how to think critically and use interpersonal skills equally. Gary is an avid soccer player and fan, who is frequently found on weekends playing for local teams.

Michael Mertz

Michael Mertz is a special educator who is currently pursuing his Masters in Special Education.  He graduated from Fairfield University with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in 2004, and has worked in special and alternative education settings over the last 13 years.  Mr. Mertz has worked in several different schools including the Glen Mills School for Boys, The Daniel Boone Transitional School in Northern Philadelphia, Simon Gratz High School in Northern Philadelphia, and started as a teacher with Catapult Learning at our Kent County Maryland location in 2013.  This is his first year in an Associate Director position in the Cecil County School.  Mr. Mertz believes that all students have the ability and capability to be successful.  Through accountable, personalized, individual, rigorous academic and behavioral interventions teachers are able to bring out the best in the students they service.  Despite being an advocate for the school and our students, Mr. Mertz is a lifelong football fan.  He can usually be found watching, playing, or coaching the sport he grew up playing in and around the area.