Morning Announcments

This month marked the start of a new job at our school, morning announcements. Our two staff members, Ms. Ashley and Ms. Karley, started to interview students in the beginning of the month to select the two best candidates for the job, who are also on level. Jesse and Dustin, our two hosts, start their morning by making a video to let the school know what is going on. They take turns reading off the lunch menu, any pop-up incentives, and if there are any general school events coming up. Our students love seeing their peers on the video, [...]

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On October 11th, our school hosted a homecoming dance for our students and their guest (if they chose to bring one). Leading up to the event many of our staff members worked tirelessly to make this a memorable night. Homecoming was a huge hit! All night long each student had a huge smile on their face! They hung out with friends and branched out to some peers they might not typically socialize with. The dance was a huge motivation for students to get and remain on level to attend. Students danced the night, while enjoying good food, and making some [...]

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Career Fair at Ripken Stadium

High Road School of Harford County students attended a career fair on October 10, 2019 at the Ripken Stadium. This provided students the opportunity to find jobs and internships, network, and put their communication skills at work. Each student who attended was fully engaged in the event, asked employers many questions, and learned about the many different career paths in the workforce. Weeks prior to this event, students spent much of their time creating their resumes, practicing interview skills, and preparing questions to ask employers. Students were excited to bring back all the information they collected and have started completing [...]

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Staff Training

Before pencils were sharpened and walls were made “Pinterest fabulous,” teachers at High Road School of Harford County committed themselves to an intensive week of professional development. They dedicated time to learning best practices for proactively implementing a high-quality therapeutic and academic model that will meet the needs of each and every learner. This year, teachers focused upon learning new and innovative ways to implement High Leverage Practices for Special Education, the top 22 practices that the Office of Special Education recommends to effectively collaborate, assess, support social-emotional learning, and instruct. During these training sessions, teachers and assistant teachers celebrated [...]

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Staff of the Month: Kristen Crosby

What impact has Kristen had on colleagues and students over the past month? Mrs. Kristen is now in her entering her 5th school year and 3rd year working with Mr. Joe and the lower high school students here at the High Road School of Harford County. She runs rotations for Math and English in the mornings and teaches Service Learning and Spanish in the afternoons. Mrs. Kristen has been able to form relationships with all students built upon accountability and empathy. Over the past month, Mrs. Kristen has been an integral part of getting the 2019-2020 school year [...]

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Ultimate Frisbee

This semester the Physical Education class is taking on Ultimate Frisbee. Instead of doing the same physical games such as football and soccer, Mr. Andrew (who teaches our health and gym class), decided to teach one of his own passions. By thinking outside of the box, Mr. Andrew and his assistant teacher, Ms. Cortnee, have been able to keep gym class fun while teaching students the fundamental skills of throwing and catching an object. The students are now able to understand the rules of ultimate frisbee and play small games against each other. Each student in Mr. Andrew and Ms. [...]

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Staff Interview with Brittany Dotson

Q: You are now in your 5th school year with High Road, what is your favorite part of the      program? A: The culture of our program... hands down.  I am grateful to come to a place of work that allows the opportunity to Change Lives. Q: How would you describe the environment and culture of our program? A: The High Road culture promotes, professional and personal growth, teamwork, and communication. We are accountable, positive, engaging, encouraging, and always striving for greatness. Q: What is your favorite student success story? A: Erika D. I had the opportunity to [...]

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School Uniforms Introduced for the School Year!

The High Road School of Harford County is now the newest member of the High Road School Team to adopt school uniforms. The new uniform edition was rolled out and communicated to parents and guardians over the summer and met with a huge welcome. The school uniform consists of a navy-blue polo shirt and tan pants. Students were given a school uniform approved polo shirt on their first day of school equipped with a High Road logo! The uniform policy was adopted based on the following advantages and benefits. School Uniforms: Create a sense of community and school spirit [...]

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Staff Training Success

The High Road of Harford County team assembled together for the week of August 26th – August 30th for the first time of the 2019-2020. The energy in the room was contagious and the team could hardly contain their excitement for what will surely be the best school year yet! Topics covered included school culture, rules and expectations, and academic/behavior success strategies. Other attendees included visits from the Mid-Atlantic Regions vice president and local Harford County Public Schools representatives. The Harford County Team is proud to announce and welcome the addition of 4 new staff members this year. With [...]

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Staff of the Month: May 2019

Our High Road Hartford Primary Staff of the month is Mr. Diaz! Every month all staff members choose another staff member to nominate and the person with the most nominations earns this award. This month, our staff nominated Mr. Diaz because he is always willing to help around the building. This is Mr. Diaz’s first year working for our program. Mr. Diaz is very patient and understanding with the students regardless of what is going on in the classroom setting. Mr. Diaz is also very organized and always helps to keep his classroom system functioning. Mr. Diaz has stated [...]

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