World Kidney Day 2019

On Thursday, March 14th, our school will proudly wear green to support World Kidney Day! Learn more about World Kidney Day on their website today.

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Student & Staff of the Month- February

Andy Correa, a 7th grade student has been selected to be High Road Hartford Primary’s student of the month for February, 2019! Andy is new to our program this year. Andy is a very hard worker who gets along well with all of his peers and staff members. Staff who work with Andy say that he is pleasant to have in class and is an excellent helper with tasks that have to get done around the classroom. Andy has had very few time outs this year and is very good about using positive coping and communicating skills when [...]

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Meet the Team: Christine Hartwich

Christine Hartwich, Special Education Teacher I chose special education as I have family who has received special education services in their schooling and have seen the good and the bad. I wanted to be a positive role model for those who may not always have a voice. Christine has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary and Special Education (Providence College) and a Master’s in Mathematics for Certified Teachers (Central Connecticut State University) On a typical workday, I welcome all students until the majority of my class is in when I will then [...]

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Our New Sensory Path

A team of High Road School staff came together at Hartford Primary to install our new Sensory Path! After cleaning, planning, sticking down a lot of floor decals, and waiting for a coat of wax to dry, our path was ready to be unveiled. A student from Ms. Hartwich's class, Khalil, readily volunteered to show other students how to use the Sensory Path after he received guidance from our Occupational Therapist, Ms. Megan Mele and his teacher. According to the Sensory Path, what makes it unique is the research behind what they have formulated. As a Special Education Teacher, [...]

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Staff of the Month December 2018

High Road School of Hartford Primary’s Mrs. Natalie Conley has been selected as staff of the Month for November! Through a process where all staff in the building nominate a peer who exemplifies our CORE 4 values and has been an asset to the team, Mrs. Conley received the most nominations in the building. Mrs. Conley has been working with our school for the last 3 months as our school Social Worker and is responsible for meeting with students in both groups and individualized settings. Mrs. Conley is also in charge of keeping up communication with parents and programs [...]

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Pajama Day December 2018

On December 14, 2018, our school participated in a statewide event called Pajama Day for kids. Since 2011, children in Connecticut have worn pajamas to school to support pediatric cancer patients at Connecticut Children's Medical Center. Over $555,000 has been raised by children in the state. Students and staff from our school who participated donated a dollar or more to Connecticut Children’s Medical Center for the Connecticut Children’s Foundation. This year our school raised $87 for the cause! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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December 2018 Student of the Month

Jomari Floyd, a 6th grade student at High Road Hartford Primary School has been selected by staff to be student of the month for December! One student from each classroom was nominated by staff and then staff members voted on which student exemplified the desired behaviors of a successful student. Jomari spent the first half the school year on blue, and continues to work hard every day to stay on blue level.  Staff members who work with Jomari say that “he is patient with other students who may be struggling” and he is “ready to admit when he makes [...]

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Celebrating Being Thankful with Families and Friends

On November 20th, 2018 many of our student's families and friends joined us to celebrate Thanksgiving and being thankful. Students welcomed their guests into their classrooms, escorted them to a delicious feast, and then enjoyed a meal and fun activities. The feast included all of the Thanksgiving staples: Turkey, mashed potatoes, corn bread, macaroni and cheese, veggies, chicken, and of course desserts. Students reportedly enjoyed the "many desserts" and "yummy turkey". They also reported enjoying having their family members see their classrooms. High Road staff enjoyed seeing how happy our students were with all of the guests and the [...]

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Q&A: Transitioning to Home School

On November 13th, High Road School of Hartford Primary student, Cristofer Hernandez, transitioned from High Road to a less restrictive environment. Cristofer had reached higher levels, including our highest level of gold, prior to his transition. Just prior to leaving, Cris was able to sit down with a staff member to discuss his time at High Road School. 1. How do you think High Road school helped you? High Road has been good for me. I have learned coping skills to use when I am upset such as taking space, ignoring negative influences, and telling a staff member when an [...]

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