Staff of the Month: Mr. Catanzaro

What impact has Mr. Catanzaro had on colleagues and students over the past month? Mr. Catanzaro always supports his colleagues and steps up to any role or responsibility needed. Mr. Catanzaro has assisted new staff with learning our model and systems. He has helped set up and run a classroom with positivity and consistency. Mr. C is calm and able to work with all of the students. Staff selected Mr. Catanzaro because “he is always a calm and reliable colleague”, “he is able to manage his classroom while supporting others”, and “he is extremely respectful of all [...]

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Student of the Month: Jensy

What has Jensy accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Jensy has come a long way this year and continues to show improvement in his behavior and maturity. He is always helpful toward others and cooperative with peers and staff. Jensy has been putting in a lot of effort this year into being a positive role model for his peers. Jensy has been an excellent role model for his peers in so many ways. He has helped his peers to make better choices when upset and reminded them of their goals and how [...]

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Student of the Month: Solimar

What impact has Solimar had on colleagues and students over the past month? As a veteran staff and the Handle with Care Trainer in the building, Ms. Mercado has been an integral part of the team this school year. She assisted in training all staff in our procedures and policies during orientation and continues to train staff and be a role model with those policies and procedures. Solimar went out of her way before school started to ensure the school was a welcoming environment for the students when they began. Anastasia McGlone, Operations Manager, states that "Ms. [...]

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Student of the Month: Ana

What has Ana done over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? Ana was nominated by her classroom staff for a vote with all of the Hartford Primary staff. Ana was chosen for many reasons. Ana has had some challenges at the start of this school year and has overcome those challenges successfully and while remaining positive and able to advocate for herself. Ana is a positive role model for the other students in her classroom and to the school. She can often be heard encouraging other students to make good choices. Ana is able [...]

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Student of the Month May 2019

Our High Road Hartford Primary student of the month for May is Ana! Students who win student of the month are nominated by their teachers and are selected through a voting process with the staff at the school. Ana has worked very hard all year to improve and be successful as a student. Staff members have reported that Ana is a very hard worker, who strives to do her best in class. Ana is a very compassionate student who often looks out for the well being of her peers. Staff members have stated that Ana has been a pleasure [...]

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Student of the Month March 2019

Our High Road Hartford Primary Student of the Month for March is Emanuel! Emanuel is a 6th grade student in Mr. Dilella’s class. Emanuel has been a part of our program for the last two school years. Emanuel gets along with his classmates and staff members. Over the last several months, Emanuel has made much progress with both his behaviors and academics. Staff members have reported that Emanuel is a pleasure to have in class and he is always willing to help with tasks such as taking care of the pets in our pet center. When asked about why [...]

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Staff of the Month – March 2019

Our High Road Hartford Primary Staff of the Month for March is Ms. Carly Weber! Ms. Weber has worked as a teacher at our school since September 2017. Last school year, Ms. Weber taught our Middle School students, and this year she has been working as our Kindergarten through 3rd grade teacher. Other staff members have noted that Ms. Weber is very organized and her classroom is a very bright and positive setting for her students. Ms. Weber demonstrates a lot of structure in the classroom and her staff and students always know what is expected of them. Ms. [...]

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Student & Staff of the Month- February

Andy Correa, a 7th grade student has been selected to be High Road Hartford Primary’s student of the month for February, 2019! Andy is new to our program this year. Andy is a very hard worker who gets along well with all of his peers and staff members. Staff who work with Andy say that he is pleasant to have in class and is an excellent helper with tasks that have to get done around the classroom. Andy has had very few time outs this year and is very good about using positive coping and communicating skills when [...]

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Meet the Team: Christine Hartwich

Christine Hartwich, Special Education Teacher I chose special education as I have family who has received special education services in their schooling and have seen the good and the bad. I wanted to be a positive role model for those who may not always have a voice. Christine has a Bachelor's degree in Elementary and Special Education (Providence College) and a Master’s in Mathematics for Certified Teachers (Central Connecticut State University) On a typical workday, I welcome all students until the majority of my class is in when I will then [...]

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Staff of the Month December 2018

High Road School of Hartford Primary’s Mrs. Natalie Conley has been selected as staff of the Month for November! Through a process where all staff in the building nominate a peer who exemplifies our CORE 4 values and has been an asset to the team, Mrs. Conley received the most nominations in the building. Mrs. Conley has been working with our school for the last 3 months as our school Social Worker and is responsible for meeting with students in both groups and individualized settings. Mrs. Conley is also in charge of keeping up communication with parents and programs [...]

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