High Road School: Hartford, CT (Primary/Middle)

Ice Cream Truck!

On Friday, September 6, 2019 we had an ice cream truck come to our school! Our students who were on green and blue level were able to order ice cream off of the ice cream truck for themselves. This was an excellent fun Friday activity. Students enjoyed selecting their ice cream and popsicles and had fun eating them in the library. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Welcome back: Student Q&A

Treyvon, 8th grade How was your summer? My summer was fun this year. How do you think your first day back to school went? I was tired, but I had a good week back. I worked hard all week. What is one thing are excited to learn this year? I am excited to learn more about division this year. What are your goals for this year? My goal is to do well and work my way towards going to a public high school next year. What class do think will be your favorite [...]

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What’s New In Our School

This year at High Road Hartford Primary we have added several new features to improve our school. Several staff members volunteered over the summer to set up new VTO spaces and paint murals on some of the walls. We also put a fresh coat of paint in our bathrooms and library. New bulletin boards were also set up throughout our building. One of our new features includes our new and improved play-lab for our early elementary aged students. This space is an open space with toys and games that help students develop necessary social and emotional skills.  Students who use [...]

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Meet Our 2019 8th Grade Graduates

This year at High Road Hartford Primary, we have two students graduating the 8th grade. Both students were in Mr. Dilella’s class this year and have developed strong relationships with both their classmates and staff members. Both Shaniya  and Destiny are 8th graders Who is your favorite teacher at school and why are they your favorite? Shaniya: My favorite teachers are Mrs. Horton and Mr. Blanton because both staff have always supported me and they take the time to help me with my work. Destiny: I have two favorite teachers. The first one is Mr. Carballo because he is [...]

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Student of the Month May 2019

Our High Road Hartford Primary student of the month for May is Ana! Students who win student of the month are nominated by their teachers and are selected through a voting process with the staff at the school. Ana has worked very hard all year to improve and be successful as a student. Staff members have reported that Ana is a very hard worker, who strives to do her best in class. Ana is a very compassionate student who often looks out for the well being of her peers. Staff members have stated that Ana has been a pleasure [...]

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Art Show

Students have been hard at work since March creating masterpieces for this years art show! Family members and friends of students were invited to attend and see the artwork they put together. This year's projects challenged students to use a variety of mediums such as clay, chalk, yarn, and other different textiles to create different works of art. After a gallery viewing session, students were able to perform in a talent show. We are very proud to have such talented students! Visit our website to learn more [...]

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Arts Fest 2019

On May 10, 2019, our blue and gold level students visited our annual Arts Fest. Over the last several weeks, students have worked on various art projects that were submitted to our region wide arts festival. Several of our students won prizes for their work, and were given ribbons for 1st place, 2nd place, and participation. On the day of the Arts Fest, our students enjoyed viewing the projects of other students from the other schools in our region. Our students also enjoyed viewing the talent show where several students from other schools sang, danced, and did gymnastics routines. [...]

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Meet the Team: Thomas DiLella

Tom DiLella, Certified Special Education Teacher I was drawn to this field because I had a hard time understanding life and what was necessary to have success when I was young. When students struggle with their behavior or emotions, it is something I feel I can understand and relate to very closely. I believe that I can use my experience to shed light on what can be a very confusing, frustrating, and misunderstood path. I am a teacher for 10 special education students who have had difficulties with their emotions [...]

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Student of the Month March 2019

Our High Road Hartford Primary Student of the Month for March is Emanuel! Emanuel is a 6th grade student in Mr. Dilella’s class. Emanuel has been a part of our program for the last two school years. Emanuel gets along with his classmates and staff members. Over the last several months, Emanuel has made much progress with both his behaviors and academics. Staff members have reported that Emanuel is a pleasure to have in class and he is always willing to help with tasks such as taking care of the pets in our pet center. When asked about why [...]

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Staff of the Month – March 2019

Our High Road Hartford Primary Staff of the Month for March is Ms. Carly Weber! Ms. Weber has worked as a teacher at our school since September 2017. Last school year, Ms. Weber taught our Middle School students, and this year she has been working as our Kindergarten through 3rd grade teacher. Other staff members have noted that Ms. Weber is very organized and her classroom is a very bright and positive setting for her students. Ms. Weber demonstrates a lot of structure in the classroom and her staff and students always know what is expected of them. Ms. [...]

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