High Road School: Prince George’s County

A Silver Accomplishment

Robert J. is a 13 year old 7th grade student at the High Road Lower School in Lanham, MD. Robert has been a student at High Road for 2 years. Robert is a silver level student, and has made great progress in the areas of grades, following directions, respecting staff and socializing with peers. Robert is a great student and classmate, and is willing assist students with class work, class projects and individual work. Not only does Robert help his classmates, but he also helps his teachers whenever necessary. Outside of classroom Robert completes in-school jobs that include working [...]

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Bowling Together

Check out our awesome High Road Lower School staff letting loose at the Bowling Alley! This outing gave our staff the opportunity to bond on a more personal level and really reflect on how much we have accomplished this school year as a team. Things got a little bit competitive, but most importantly they turned into a lot of fun. Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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Teacher Feature: Mr. Koffi

Koffi Senyo is a valued member of the High Road Lower family. Mr. Koffi teaches our older group of Elementary school students and has worked diligently to create a classroom environment that is focused on learning. Students from his class describe Mr. Koffi as being “smart,” and “easy to talk to when you need help.” It’s clear to staff and students that Mr. Koffi is dedicated to being an educator, and he is always trying to learn new and improved teaching strategies. In an effort to bring something different to his class, Koffi has been teaching his students basic [...]

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Sell Your Cell!

Science class is always a great chance to explore new ideas, ask questions and of course learn new things. Ms. Ramsey is always trying to make learning fun and exciting for her students, so to get them interested in the types of cells she had the students create an advertisement for a cell they created. Essentially they were asked to “sell their cell.” This project brought out the creativity in a lot of students and gave them the chance to generate unique ideas on their own. Students were excited and proud to show off their finished Sell the Cell [...]

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Love and Friendship

Valentine’s Day is not just a romantic holiday- here at High Road Schools we see February 14th as a chance to celebrate friendship! In the spirit of love and friendship, any student on green or blue was invited to attend the High Road Lower Valentine’s Mixer- a fun Friday celebration full of treats and games. The students celebrated friendship by exchanging cards, playing games and decorating cookies as a group. There was even a surprise silly string attack! Aniyah said “I had so much fun helping set up and bake cookies,” and Elijah told us “I love playing with [...]

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A Creative Class

Art class is a great opportunity for students to take a break from Reading and Math, and channel a more creative side while also having some fun. It is safe to say Ms. Jones brings great ideas to every Art class, and recently her painting project looked so exciting that Mr. Blount, our Associate Director, decided to join in on the fun. This project gave students a chance to practice their precision, experiment with mixing colors and even analyze symmetry in their art work. The final product has made for a unique classroom display, and all of the students [...]

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Teacher Feature: Ms. Kavney

When it comes to encouraging collaboration, assigning fun activities or planning new and exciting sensory breaks, Ms. Kavney does it all plus so much more. Ms. Kavney is one of our Elementary teachers and continues to set the standards high for our whole staff! Starting in July 2018, Ms. Kavney was quick to embrace the point sheet system and create her own unique classroom culture. Not only can we count on a strong academic presence in room 101, but we can also count on seeing students who are on-level and thriving in our program. We can always count [...]

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A Major Turnaround

Donnell T. is a 14yr old 8th grade student at High Road Lower School in Lanham, MD. Donnell has been a student at High Road for 3 years. Donnell has made a great deal of progress in a number of areas including, attendance, behavior, and grades. In the past, Donnell would often come late or miss school altogether. However, now Donnell regularly comes to school on time and ready to work. In terms of his behavior, Donnell behavior had previously shown a great deal of aggression (including fighting) and disrespect to staff and students alike. Now, not only [...]

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Small Groups, Big Ideas

A cornerstone of our classroom model here at High Road is the use of small groups to encourage collaborative learning and a chance for individualized instruction. This year our Elementary and Middle School classrooms have mastered the use of small groups to maximize learning. Walking into any classroom is an opportunity to observe cooperative learning, student lead questioning and peer assistance/tutoring! When asked about working in small groups, Gerald explained that “working in small groups makes it easier to follow along with the teacher,” and Elijah told us “small groups are better for asking questions and getting help.” Positive feedback [...]

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Workforce Development Ceremony

Recently, four students from High Road Upper School were honored at the Workforce Development Recognition Ceremony. This year this annual ceremony was hosted at Prince George’s Community College. The awards given were for completion in both a Microsoft and Customer Service course. The students awarded were: Kayla Hardie, Trinitti Roane, Harvey Gray and Nick Veney. We are very proud of the hard work and dedication of our students! Visit our website to learn more about High Road School

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