School Transformation

Set school or district goals and identify desired outcomes in collaboration with our Catapult Learning Alliance team. An implementation plan will identify a set of prioritizes and a clear road map for developing organizational capacity. Leading indicators are identified, observed, and measured as a means to monitor whether new knowledge and skills are being applied. The plan is adjusted as part of our Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle of continuous improvement to ensure we are on track towards your goals.

School Transformation Programs include a comprehensive School Needs Assessment to identify strengths and opportunities for improvement.

Whole-School Transformation

Whole-school transformation builds site capacity. Learning events are organized to ensure sustained improvement through leadership development, teacher development, coaching and mentoring, and implementation for an effective system for change management. The Alliance team works collaboratively with your district and school teams to diagnose organizational needs and prescribe a customized plan that incorporates both targeted professional development and coaching.

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Build instructor and leadership capacity and operational efficiency to enhance student performance and learning experiences.

Targeted School Transformation

Identify specific areas of focus for school improvement. In collaboration with our Alliance team, you’ll improve your school in key areas. We offer two targeted transformation frameworks:

Building Instructional Coherence - A Blueprint for Success

Engage the entire school community in adopting a set of best practices to elevate the quality of teaching and learning through a consistent and cohesive instructional model. Support educators as they leverage best practices in planning, instruction, and assessment across all grade levels and content areas. Building Instructional Coherence also builds administrators’ capacity to serve as effective instructional leaders, creates opportunities for teachers to collaborate and share resources, and provides a consistent set of routines and structures for students as they transition between classrooms and academic years.

Our Building Instructional Coherence: A Blueprint for Success shares our research-based instructional model designed to maximize Academic Learning Time, cultivate greater student engagement, and improve student learning outcomes.

Focus on creating a language-rich environment and developing literacy in all subject areas. Literacy First is a data-drive, comprehensive, research-based reading reform process that supports the Academic Content Standards and the reading and comprehending of increasingly complex texts. A three-year professional development coaching and leadership training for grades Pre-K to 12, the Literacy First transformation Framework:

  • Creates a literacy-rich culture that motivates students in their own learning
  • Develops a student-centered approach to classroom instruction and classroom management that pinpoints and addresses specific skill gaps
  • Establishes strong relationships among PD consultants, teachers, and administrators

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