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Student Spotlight: Nick L.

Student Spotlight Nick L. – 11th Grade Ms. Lexi Miller. She’s really fun and really nice. She has an all-around great personality. We learn a lot from her. That sounds like something we are discussing on our podcast; disability etiquette. Most people would fear people with autism. People with autism are different, but they are just like us. They learn differently. Getting straight A’s and having my group of buddies! Hanging out with friends mostly and learning about world history. It's okay to be nervous. I was [...]

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What is Occupational Therapy?

What is Occupational Therapy? In the school system, Occupational Therapy Practitioners focus on improving students overall academic improvement by integrating new techniques and giving more support outside of the classroom to improve fine motor skills, handwriting, sensory processing, attention, coordination, visual perception and ADLs (activities of daily living) so they are able to apply these skills in their every day school environment. This is done by seeing students in a 1-on-1 or small group setting and giving those new ways to be able to do things that typical peers are able to complete. Occupational Therapy is provided to help [...]

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Sensory Friendly Movie Day

The Center for Autism and Dyslexia in Findlay, Ohio hosted a Sensory Friendly Movie for the Findlay Community on Saturday February 23rd at the AMC Classic Findlay 12 movie theatre. This event was hosted for children with sensory processing disorders and their families to enjoy. It was hosted to offer an opportunity to families that would allow them to take their children to the movies for a fun, family day out that would accommodate a variety of sensory processing needs. Pictured: Dan Huther- Preschool Lead Teacher Rhonda Cool- Highschool B.E.S.T. Teacher Assistant Ashley Anton- Program Director Karrah Windau- Associate [...]

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Upcoming Parent Training: February 6

Free Parent training will be offered in the auditorium from 3:30-4:30 on Wednesday, February 6th. Refreshments will be provided. Visit our website to learn more about the Center for Autism & Dyslexia

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Ask The Expert- Speech and Language Therapist

Ask The Expert: Speech and Language Therapist, Kaitlyn Harrold What is speech-language therapy? In the school setting, speech-language pathologists (SLPs) design therapy programs in order to meet the individual needs of students to increase functional and effective communication skills. Activities are created to teach new concepts, improve current skills, and generalize communication skills from the therapy room to school and home environments. Areas that might be targeted in therapy can include articulation, motor speech, phonology, expressive and receptive language, augmentative and alternative communication (AAC), social communication, cognition, fluency, and voice. SLPs work with other team members, such as [...]

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Christmas Parties and Christmas Cookie Decorating

Today, both High School classes and the Middle School class got together to make Christmas cookies and have their annual class Christmas parties for the final day of school before Christmas Break. The students showed great teamwork, effort, and participation to bake and decorate the cookies. As students waited their turn to decorate, they listened to a variety of Christmas songs and showed off their awesome and unique dance moves. This was a great experience for three different classrooms to mix it up and complete a fun activity together. Students got to work with other students outside their typical [...]

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Classroom Door Decorating Contest

Classrooms at The Center for Autism and Dyslexia in Findlay, Ohio participated in a school-wide door decorating contest. All students yellow level and above were able to participate with this incentive. The theme for the door decorating contest was CHRISTMAS! Many unique and fun ideas were displayed, along with great teamwork and participation by classmates and staff. Each door consisted of some drawing, coloring, sketching, cutting, folding, and gluing. As well as a variety of different supplies such as paper, pictures. styrofoam cups, glitter, cotton balls, tinsel, scarves, and candy canes. Some classrooms went with different themes such as [...]

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