Student of the Month: Daemion

What has Daemion accomplished over the past month to achieve Student of the Month? He is shown great growth in his verbal skills and being able to request needs and wants to his teachers and other staff. He has learned the months of the year and able to say them out loud. He has also shown improvement in being able to wait during transitions, which has been difficult in the past. Mrs. Pruit and Mrs. Garcia both work with him in the classroom and they have seen great progress in his overall attitude at school, being excited [...]

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Staff of the Month: Terra

What impact has Terra had on colleagues and students over the past month? Terra is an Assistant Teacher in the Middle School/High School B.E.S.T. Classroom. She is a vital part of the classroom's positivity and functionality. She runs groups within the room with direction from the teacher and is able to independently plan and implement other activities within her groups as well. She takes an active role in the daily operations of the classroom's structure, behavior modification, and transition. She has a positive energy daily that carries over into her co-workers and also with the students she [...]

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Conine’s Pumpkin Patch

The school took a field trip to the pumpkin patch and all of the kids had a blast! There was something for all ages to enjoy and it was great for all of the students to enjoy an outing as school, and not just as a class. It is great to see friendships and good socialization for these students in the community! They enjoyed a hayride, pumpkin picking, play area, farm animals, and a corn bin for some sensory play! The students also got to see how they make their apple cider. IT was a great time for the staff [...]

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Student of the Month: Jordan

Jordan is currently on Blue Day 28 about to receive Gold status. He is prompt, on time, and genuinely a good person. Jordan is always willing to help someone in need if he is able to. An active participant in class, Jordan keeps everyone thinking by asking the tough/intriguing questions. Jordan is very humble as well, he did not brag or boast about getting student of the month, he even asked if there was another student who might want the award more. Congratulations Jordan! What has Jordan done over the past month to achieve [...]

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Fire Fighter Presentation

Upper Elementary's teacher, Mrs. Wittkofske had Fire Fighter Jared Baker come in and talk to the students about his job. He is a part time Fire fighter/EMT for Rossford, Lake Township, and Providence Township. Jared demonstrated what gear is used and how to put it all on. He even showed them how fast he has to get his uniform on when he is called to an emergency! The students attended very well to the presentation and were thrilled to have him there. Some of the students said their favorite parts were when they got to try on his helmet, [...]

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Fun Friday

Mrs. Bushman and Mrs. Brett switched up their Fun Friday in the lower elementary class by adding some sensory play time with some Play-doh! The students enjoyed their time to be creative and enjoy a break in their normal routine to have some extra fun! Visit our website to learn more about the Center for Autism & Dyslexia

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Staff of the Month: Brett Leonard

What impact has Brett had on colleagues and students over the past month?She demonstrates a positive attitude while interacting with other staff and all of the students in the school. Why did other staff members select Brett as Staff of the Month?She's always willing to assist and help out wherever needed. She takes an active role in the daily operations of the classroom's planning, implementation, and data collection. She also organizes and manages the bus transportation drop off and pick up. Visit our website to learn more about the Center for Autism & Dyslexia [...]

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Yoga Class

Mr. Pitney got his high school students all stretched out in their yoga class in the auditorium! Yoga can help students increase their focus and energy to improve their success in the class room. The students enjoyed the refreshing new break. Visit our website to learn more about the Center for Autism & Dyslexia

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